Rules for Selling Livestock:

Chickens and Fowl-- Must be stocked in wooden crates.  Absolutely no cardboard boxes for mature birds.  Wooden crates are available for $1 each onsite as available.  Please do not over-crowd your boxes. Out-of-state chickens will be tested and tagged.   Only one Game Rooster per box is allowed.  Chickens and Fowl are sold per head regardless of quantity in box.  Crates and boxes go with the sale of birds.  Sellers must remove shipping crates.  No shipping boxes are permitted to remain on premises.  

Goats and Sheep-- All goats and sheep must be identified by a tag.  Out-of-state sheep require a scrapie.  

Piglets -- All piglets must remain in crates large enough to fit the size of animal being sold.  (We no longer accept Pot Belly pigs that are sized beyond the ability to fit in a crate.  That would on average be anything over 10lbs).

Equine -- All equine require a clean Coggins Test performed by a private veterinarian.  Each equine must have an identifying mark.

Cattle -- Cattle are sold per head.  Each bovine must have an identifying  mark or tag.  Testing is based on South Carolina requirements and will be enforced.

ATTENTION:  We have four very strict rules for the livestock auction.  These rules will be vigorously enforced without negotiation.  They are as follows:    1)  Absolutely no abusive behavior or cruelty to animals will be tolerated.  We understand that it may appear some animals are handled roughly to those who do not work in the everyday livestock business.  However, we also know the difference between abuse versus proper and safe handling;  2)  We follow the SC NPIP guidelines for out of state testing of poultry and fowl.  This requires that we test every and all fowl (except pigeons and doves) for the Pullorum-Typhoid bacterial diseases.  Any bird that responds positively as a receptor will require that we reject the entire load of birds.  This mandates that haulers will have to return their load to the originating farm and not be allowed to enter auction gates.  No exception.  3)  Please do not bring sick animals to the auction.  We have the right to refuse any animal that appears to have, or presents with, symptoms of illness, has been sedated, or recently injured.   Our auction has a strict policy of not becoming a dumping ground for unwanted or sick animals.  We are permitted and designated as an interstate livestock auction. Therefore, State and Federal agricultural enforcement agents and veterinarians may be present at our auctions and will have the right to enforce any rule or regulation that pertains to livestock sales and trade.  4) All birds and animals must be crated by the seller in appropriate sized boxes or cages.  Our facility does not have large or oversized crates to accommodate mature turkeys, peacocks, piglets, baby goats, etc.  Sellers will be turned away with animals that appear to be stuffed beyond comfort in any box or cage.

Fees: (Sale or No Sale)

​Chickens, poultry, fowl, rabbits, piglets, specialty small animals  --  20% with $1 minimum ($1 no sale fee per box or crate)

Goats, Sheep, Llamas --  $7 per head minimum + 4% after flat fee

Equine, Mules, and Donkeys -- $20 per head minimum + 5% after flat fee (Special Event Equine Auctions require catalogue fee of $70) 

Cattle --     $18 per head minimum + 5% after flat fee

Pigs or Hogs -- 20% of Gross Bid

Dairy, Eggs, Cheese, Etc -- 20%

NPIP Testing:  All Out-of-State Birds (chicks included) will be tested with Pullorum-Typhoid Antigen, Wing Tagged, and Catalogued.

​  # of Birds        Testing Fee

     1 - 50       =  .50 per bird   +  $5.00 Administrative Fee

​     51 - 100   =  .45 per bird   +  $7.50 Administrative Fee

​     101 - Up  =  .40 per bird    + $10.00 Administrative Fee

​Out of State NPIP Pre-Certified =  $5 Administrative Fee Up to 50 Birds 

​                                                       $7.50 Administrative Fee 51- 100 Birds

​                                                       $ .10 per bird over 100 


General Merchandise related to livestock, farm, or garden only --  25%  (please note that we will only accept livestock or farm related items and have the right to consign items to our general merchandise weekly auction at the auction house and not the livestock auction.  We will be concentrating mostly on animals at our sale).

Equipment, tractors, implements, wagons, etc. will be negotiated as flat fee and/or commission based on condition and appraised values.  

 **Specialty animal auctions will require registrations and all fees will be posted prior to those sales for sellers and buyers.  


Yardage Fee: $1 per head on sale night.  Extended paddock stay charges will be negotiated based on per head.  

All Sellers are paid by check at end of sale night but no later than 24 hours from time of auction's end.

          Auction Begins at 7:00pm  -- Animal Check-In  4pm - 7pm

​Out-of-State Birds Admitted from 4pm- 6:15pm Due to Testing Requirements

Buy or Sell.  Open to the Public.  Small animal auction including chickens and fowl, rabbits, goats, sheep, mules, horses and cattle.  

 We're permitted to sell it all.

All animals are sold based on per head and/or commission.  No buyer's premium for small animals.  

Livestock Auctions Every Thursday Night!